by American Arson

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Tim Wing
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Tim Wing American Arson is now my new favorite band. My 10 year old loves every song on all the EP's and listens to them to get pumped up! Favorite track: Revival In My Lungs.
Marco Leal
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Marco Leal So I lived around the Detroit area, played in 2 bands, and was active in the scene for 3 years. Never did I hear of nor come across American Arson nor their former band Good Luck Varsity. Bums me a bit because would've been awesome to share the stage with these great, talented musicians. Buy this along with their other ep's! You will not be disappointed! FFO: Good Luck Varsity, Hot Water Music, and A Wilhelm Scream. Favorite track: Revival In My Lungs.
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All lyrics by Evan Baker
All songs by American Arson


released March 31, 2017

Recorded November and December 2016 at Zoinga Recording in Royal Oak, MI by Mick Maslowski.



all rights reserved


American Arson Detroit, Michigan

Two-man wall of sound from the Great Lake State.

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Track Name: Revival In My Lungs
Bring up the lights!
My heart skips a beat and it pulls me under
My mouth is a cage for the rolling thunder
Revival in my lungs
Each crack of the snare drum takes me higher
I rise on the wail of the amplifiers and lose control

Oh! No chance the person that you know
Could be the one that I've become
Without these midnight minor chords

God bless my memories
Every blank page night another chance to right the wrong
Each precious melody memorized
God save these memories
Everywhere I go the embers never cease to glow
So I can find my way back (home)

Oh, 18 is a blur in the rear-view mirror
But one night stands out a little clearer
The venue swayed and roared 'til the doors couldn't swing
And kids poured in through the backstage windows
And these days wherever my weary heart goes
That night goes with me

Oh! No chance the person that you know
Could be more than a shell of a man
Without these midnight minor chords

(Repeat Chorus)

Well I can promise you this: he's gonna come for you. If he hasn't already, someday that beast is gonna come at you with glowing eyes in a suit and tie, and he'll spin you lies laced with dollar signs. And if you don't know who you are, kid, it's gonna get ugly. But I cut my teeth in the legion halls and basements, and I've learned to love the bitter taste of failure more than his sugar-coated version of success. So if you see him, tell him to run. Tell him I've coming for him... with empty pockets, and a full heart, and that fire in my chest.
Track Name: Ten Lies
I watch them stir the vitriol of the masses they recruit. Then they place their trust and hope in the hands of a snake in a fancy suit. I hear them shout, "believe, believe," and spin a web of lies. And I answer back, "deceit, deceit, I see through your disguise."

I promise you, for every word that's true you'll hear ten lies. It will stay that way until we stand and say, "no more!" I'm warning you, nothing that they will do can save your soul. Let's take back what they stole.

I watch them stir the vitriol of the masses they recruit. Then they place their trust and hope in the hands of a snake in a fancy suit. I hear them shout, "divide, divide, draw the battle lines!" And I answer back, "unite, unite, together we'll survive!

(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: Dead End Part I: The Hunted
It started in the winter at the edge of a dead end drive, I had frost in my bones, I was thinking of home, and I was trying to survive. We'd been spending our days just dreaming of ways to generate a single spark. Couldn't conjure a flame, and I was to blame, and all the sudden everything went dark. And the claws came out.

Oh! I can hear 'em coming like a freight train in my head, I'm never going home again. Oh, I can taste the end (in the air). You never think about gravity until you hit the ground, come on and take a look around. How could I have missed the fangs and the hungry eyes?

Oh, I can taste the end in the oxygen, the oxygen I breathe. Every deep breath keeps pulling me under.

Now I can feel the venom make a beeline for my heart. I should've seen it coming from the start, but staring at the fire can blind the best of us.

(Repeat Chorus)

You left my body in the snow, but I want every coward here to know... you'll reap the poison that you sew, the stains you try to cover up will show.

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: Dead End Part II: Last Request
I hope they lay my bones up north in the evergreen grove.
Track Name: Dead End Part III: Waymaker
I woke with a shudder at the break of dawn, the snow pressed to my cheeks. I was face down on the frozen ground at the edge of an icebound creek. I heard a whisper in my ear and my head began to spin. He said, "you won't be found, so lay back down and just let the winter win."

I saw their camp in the forest, they were cold and they were scared. And I heard the whispers once again, I could have my vengeance there. And I know we crave bravado, but if you want honesty, it took every bit of strength that I had left just to rise to a single knee... and just run.

Sick and tired of this talk saying, "give it up." Give it up already. In my hands I've got the whole wide world, I'll be just fine. I don't know what comes next but I'm ready now, I'm ready now, show me... and I'll be fine.

And I know you used a simple man, a coward just like me to run the river thick with blood and make a way right through the sea. So I'll bury my bones in the soil like seeds, and water them with my blood. And in one year's time they will see the vine and the branches start to bud.

(Repeat Chorus)

In my hands I've got the whole world, never gonna let 'em break my stride. They've got another thing coming.

(Repeat Chorus)

In my hands I've got the whole world, never gonna let 'em break my stride. They've got another thing coming.
Track Name: Sequoia
I saw the snow-capped peaks rising in the distance, drank from a waterfall. Dangled my feet over the edge of a canyon, but they'll say we never made it. And they couldn't be more wrong.

When I fall asleep tonight, I'm gonna wish with all my might that every single story left to write is in my hands... they're in my hands.

I wanna watch the sun disappear behind the mountains. I wanna see the stars punctuate the perfect night. Keeping the embers burning bright.

(Repeat Chorus)